Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Mystic Marrow

I just can't invade your soul anymore
nor your stupefying charms,
neither i can convoy in your dreams
nor in my cosy arms.

Oh God thou must be deeming,
this buddy, surely a freak ,
and yes, so am i ,
a bit maniac,
a laughing stock to mimic.

but judge my marrow almighty,
thou willst keen to discover.
it is wise to be a lunatic,
than a bully traitor.

and so was she,
differs from me,
as a bit counter and reverse.
not a stupid freak to trust,
but a bloody traitor to curse.

then give me thy voice almighty,
is it my flaw ?
to be a freak in my notion.
or yours ?
for conjuring marrowless creation.

A Journey to Darkness

My urge for a risky voyage
get intensely once swelled,
for the most chancy palace
with a blushing glamourous shade

i slept and dreamt that night
about that chancy glamourous voyage,
where everything is reddish black
with a slender human image.

the image beckoned me
and made me to obey through my dream,
i entered to that dark dome
which was terrific and panicly grim.

But lo !
neither the image did stop
nor it spinned towards my face,
as it has hypnotised me
and piloting to an anonymous place.

but i saw you at last,
when you turned aside,
your beauty dazzled the schloss
and then all became bonafide.

Oh ! It was not a basilica
neither a treacherous goal,
but it was my own heart
comprising YOUR peerless soul.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Boy Who Loved

The heart speaks at last,
silent mysteries unsolved.
oh!that can unveil the veiled,
and that too of "the boy who loved."

for tear,that silently speaks,
for fear,that nobody seeks,
for you,the love it shows,
for me,it calmly goes.

this is what my heart says,
and it silently confess.
this is not the boy who knows...
it is a manly business.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


If i mint a memento
with the glitters of games and gold,
not to jug your memory
but to make your relics offload.
i must grub then the walls,
with the words brightly poked,
like all that glitters can never be gold.

what ever your retort will be,
even my soul defies to care.
let the nature perceive
what a traitor deserves a satire.

be keen on shaping full human being
not that without core,
or be alert for a core less earth
heralding the mementos of deplore.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freaky eyes...

I saw the new moon,
oh! i wish to freeze my eyes.
missed the most, are those missed tunes
and those useless sighs.
But the worst happened.
the moon saw me seeing.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The legend of an Angel.

The new moon approached,
innocent eyes,yet so glossy twas.
aye,so shiny lips,
with the verve it can afford.
And i prepared myself,
for her first word to stash.

"can i go out?" she asked me.
but my steady face unturned,
asked defiantly "new,art thee?"
i mean,how can ye seek,
to go out of my loony heart,
as yet there is lot more to freak?
because you are already in me.

Days followed the night,
nights did the same to fight.
with fur coats,we veiled winter.
dreamy hopes,let be greeted,oh summer.
rain poured her heart out,
and spring made the aroma stronger.
aye,it increased with the new moon,
so as my love for her.

My Angel...
needless to say,sweet she was,
that breathe less and blab more.
blind i was,to her quest of life,
and to her trifling utter.
And lost i was,in that what they call,
the world that lay up adore.

But the worst came,
as a silent assasin,
jealous to me i thought.
ripping my body,
gave me that undying pain,
and veiled my loony heart.

I was right there...
looking to her shivering lips,
aye,the lips...that was blabbing all time,
quivering now,fighting to say,seeking the peace.
a soft touch i felt,under my eyes,
and wiped out,something heavy there.

was that merely a tear?
or the complete me,
oh!Lord,i beg the answer.
i beg to thee.

Waiting for you...................

There may be ways to surf,
and many more ways to bluff.
but there is this boy,
drenched with the sweat,
looking to the ways,
but the single one you left.
and he hates you, i tell you,
but that too from the heart.