Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Journey to Darkness

My urge for a risky voyage
get intensely once swelled,
for the most chancy palace
with a blushing glamourous shade

i slept and dreamt that night
about that chancy glamourous voyage,
where everything is reddish black
with a slender human image.

the image beckoned me
and made me to obey through my dream,
i entered to that dark dome
which was terrific and panicly grim.

But lo !
neither the image did stop
nor it spinned towards my face,
as it has hypnotised me
and piloting to an anonymous place.

but i saw you at last,
when you turned aside,
your beauty dazzled the schloss
and then all became bonafide.

Oh ! It was not a basilica
neither a treacherous goal,
but it was my own heart
comprising YOUR peerless soul.

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