Saturday, December 18, 2010


My chilly winter hand,
with the blisters, seeking the touch.
wrapped across my bosom,
oh! is this what they call,
the lady in no man's land ?

About the land they praise,
they say, I invade it.
but the quest which taunt me tight...
am I or was I ?

He said, the look is deceptive,
as well as the heart of mine.
but the woman heart ain't know,
they say, what deceptive mean.

With all my heart, I loved him.
 I was the sun and he, the shone.
And today, the sun is there...
shining though a bit gloomy
but alone.......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Care is what, I covet the most.
Heal the solitude,I desired not.
Undone things that your eyes can't see,
Peel those layers and unveil the lost.

Receding wish,I know this is,
Uncanny thoughts of autumn breeze.
Hope is nothing but a shiny hue.
Awaiting the day, you make it true.

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