Saturday, December 18, 2010


My chilly winter hand,
with the blisters, seeking the touch.
wrapped across my bosom,
oh! is this what they call,
the lady in no man's land ?

About the land they praise,
they say, I invade it.
but the quest which taunt me tight...
am I or was I ?

He said, the look is deceptive,
as well as the heart of mine.
but the woman heart ain't know,
they say, what deceptive mean.

With all my heart, I loved him.
 I was the sun and he, the shone.
And today, the sun is there...
shining though a bit gloomy
but alone.......


  1. mr. boffin bard potrays the woes of a cute lady soooo well.....awesome!!

  2. Well bro... U amaze me everytime. I dnt know how u give words to such pristine thoughts but 1 thing I can say that this is yet another masterpiece, tailor made for every lonely girl

  3. Wow... Lurved your words pal... Love you

  4. Ishika:hhhmmmm...good thoughts...nice words...and the most important excellent effort!!!KEEP IT UP!

  5. i can't believe that one of my student can write such a poem..............i am amused.......but i would love to read something more cheerful rather than these you.......................

  6. Oh, my!! This is so beautiful lil bro!
    You know, I wasn't into poetry really, it looked a bit difficult to me (don't know why) but since I started reading yours I feel I really like it. I love how you can transform words into feelings.
    In this one, for example, when I read it's like I'm swimming... weird.


  7. wow...each time i check your blog cant stop leaving a comment...

    well...if i could have given rewards then i will give this as "best poem of the year 2010"
    ...excellent! :)

  8. @shashi sir: sir,seriously made my day... thanks, thanks a lot for your feedback sir... i will surely try to write another one which will match ur expectation.... love you sir

  9. @safi: thanx a lot dear...just swim as much you want... this blog is always open for you to swim anytime...but make sure cold and fever not catch you....and dont forget i love you more...

    @sujata:thanx a lot for the feedback.just loved it...but personally i feel 'the legend of an angel' is the best one till date.