Friday, February 4, 2011


Some are playing and partying a few,
dusk is darkening to a darker hue,
roads are full with speeding shadows,
like same old evening and same busy roads.
yet, you can see it and feel anyhow,
that something is crazy something is new.

My palms felt moistened a bit,
tears of happiness, ready to blast.
the happy palm now screamed with joy,
Oh! my God...
I have got a company at last.

I saw the other palm,
and those fingers... closed, twisted,
between those spaces, that my fingers create.
filling those gaps,they are perfectly placed.

When my lips failed,
I turned my heart on.
But that bloody coward heart,
followed my lips and stayed aside,
passed the call to my sweaty palm,
Hey, dear... now it's your turn.

But when my heart and lips failed,
can't even show their novel hue.
what can my poor palms do?
to reveal, what he thinks of you.

The hands parted in reflex,
as the palms loosened the grip,
I woke up with a gasping heart,
Oh,damn !!! I was in my sleep.