Thursday, March 24, 2011


A cute little shiny face,
but the bulging eyes wide open.
yeah,they are open and i mean it,
like the sun amid a murky zone.

And those jolly beaming eyes,
the candid touch of virtue it has,
where the intense of crave lies.
the crave to steal your lovely utter.
the crave to feel that ardent pleasure.
the crave to step accross the race.
the crave to fake an angered face.

Oh! I can still remember,
that first,unnoticed,crazy meet.
some mumbling words, some nervous looks,
and some rendezvous with the dusty street.

But that mumbling girl,now blabbers all time.
like every moment of life to share.
And the best part about her.
she taught me how to say "take care".