Monday, December 12, 2011

FRIENDS- an anatomy

            FRIENDS….I think that is what we call each other….
            Oh! Yeah, ‘friend’ is a very confusing word to me. Every time I want to give a try on finding what it really mean to me, I always end up with some lousy quotations by some infamous philosophers which confuses my mind even more.
             I was encountered by a weird question some days back, when I was sitting inside my over crowded class room at the time of lunch break. A girl suddenly turned towards me and asked with bright inquisitive eyes –“hey, how many good friends do you have?”
           I just got irritated by that question and replied abruptly-“no one”. She got taken aback by my rudeness and never talked to me after that.
            But when I was fired with that question I had thought this for a while- ‘what this question really mean to me? Is there any bad friends do exist? If they exist than how can anyone consider them as a friend?’  I smiled and confirmed myself… thank god; at least I am not confused about this. I do not have any good friends or bad friends. I just have some friends.
            After a lot of assumptions and contradictions I finally got a word to define friends….i.e. belief. But the next moment I found that it also defines ‘enemies’. I know this is confusing but it’s true. For a real friend, we always have a belief that this person will never leave me no matter what happens. And similarly for a real enemy, we always have a strong belief that no matter what happens, I can’t be a friend of this person. After that “belief” gave me another word to define ‘friends’…i.e. strength. A strong belief gives us strength, either to love or to hate a person. Belief strengthens us as a person who is pretty sure about what he is doing and what he wants to do. ‘It transfers a man into human.’
  At that point I coincided with God. There are no enemies exist in this world. Two people can be enemies but two human can never be enemies. It is our belief that makes it so. We think that those who hurt us by their words or deeds are our enemies.  But what we don’t understand is that we got hurt because we took those words very seriously. And we already know... “The words don’t have power to hurt you, unless the person who said it means a lot to you.”
         So that is life…feel free to be a friend. Be human. Sometimes we have a habit to choose things. We try to scrutinize things according to our expectations. We make a checklist of qualities that one should possess to be our friend. But that time we become too arrogant to think that-“do we fit in their checklist?” that is why I always say….
                                                “DO NOT MAKE FRIENDS, JUST BE A FRIEND.”