Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Penned Reverberation

A bit of glow
with a little panic,
some chary thoughts
and an ensuing pic,
with a lump in my heart
and a bit in my head,
they revolve around
like some smitten freak.

when I started to relish,
my ego held me back.
I made that crazy way,
but never raced on that.
As i wished to savor,
what is that i need the most
when it all becomes dark.

The journey started afresh,
like those sparkling spheres
of morning dew...
As i searched for a start,
a bit fresher, utterly new...

when I searched for beauty,
I found a view...
when I searched for friends,
I found a few...
when I lived my life,
I searched for happiness.
when I searched for happiness
I found you...

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